Honeymoon: Escape from the rest of the world

Honeymoon: Escape from the rest of the world

Honeymoon: Escape from the rest of the world

Total Happiness, right from the start

Your honeymoon, the beginning of a new life together; romanticism, experiences, confidences, and memories. When you marry someone for the rest of your life, you want to choose the perfect setting to create a lifetime of memories. The smell of the wood, the texture of the sheets, the first sunset you watch as a married couple, the dawn’s sounds. So, the place you choose for your honeymoon must be warm and intimate. It must have something different for a taste of the unforgettable experiences you’re in for: a memory that will last forever.

Costa Rica offers that perfect atmosphere, as it has been recognized by the Modern Bride World’s Trend/est Honeymoon Local Award ranking it among the best 10 honeymoon destinations. This is a fantastic place to spend your honeymoon, surrounded by lush vegetation with a large selection of supplementary activities.

Costa Rica is like a paradise, where you will enjoy the splendorous natural surroundings and beautiful landscapes. You can spend a quiet time here or, if you prefer, you will find lots of action and adventure at the beach or in exotic forests.


A unique «Love Nest»

Costa Rica has two international airports; the Juan Santamarfa Airport in San Jos£ and the Daniel Oduber Airport in Liberia. Guanacaste. So. there is no need to worry about how you will get here. All you need to do is care for each other, because it will be comfortable for you to relax anywhere, providing you plenty of time to enjoy Costa Rica’s beauties together.

Several hotels offer honeymoon packages and, no matter which one you choose, you are sure to experience a memorable time. Our choices for accommodation will suit every taste and budget.

The boutique hotels offer you more privacy for your honeymoon, or if you wish, you can choose one of the many «all inclusive» beach hotels. If you are nature-lovers, there are also different hotels where you will enjoy close contact with nature and be able to go mountain hiking.


Romance in the Mountains

Every option found in Costa Rica, complements your love life and marriage mystique beautifully. Just the two of you, walking alone in close contact with nature, enshrouded in the mist, observing the exuberant flora and fauna of the tropical forests together, or listening to the rain falling on the roof while you cuddle-up in a cozy cabin.There are also other things that can be done, like horseback riding, trekking through the forests filled with fresh air. or feeling your adrenaline rising up in your body with exciting activities like rafting or gliding across the trees. All these activities will add a perfect final touch to a memorable stay.

You will find many places to spend happy moments: Mountains, volcanoes, cascades, jungles, tropical rain forests, lagoons, etc. All these sites can be easily reached by air or by road, to add a bit of adventure to a marvelous honeymoon.The regions where you can find mountain hotels are: Monteverde, Northern Plains, Central Valley. North Caribbean, South and Central Pacific.

On the beach, alone, in love

Every couple has dreamed of walking hand In hand, along a paradisiacal beach,feeling the softness ot the sand while the water wets their feet Costa Rica’s multi-colored beaches are waiting for you. Come and enjoy their beauty and spend a perfect honeymoon under the sun!

There are many beach hotels In North and South Guanacaste, Puntarenas and nearby islands, Central and South Pacific.and South Caribbean Regions. Several local companies operate flight services to and from Liberia, Central Pacific and Gorfilo, and you can also travel by road.

Explore the underwater world in an amazing diving experlencergo sailing around the coast, play with the waves in a kayak go fishing, play some golf, visit the nearby natural reserves where you will be amazed by the lush greenery, feel the passion and romance hidden In the beautiful sunsets, while you walk along the beach hand In hand, listening to the soft, rippling sounds of the waves.These are some of the options that, together with Costa Rica’s natural beauty, will ahvays be part of the memories you will have ot a fantastic honeymoon.

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