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Sarapiquí Tourist Area
The beauty of the northern planes

Sarapiquí, founded on November 18, 1970, is located in the north of Costa Rica. It is the tenth canton in the province of Heredia, and is divided into 5 districts. According to the last study by Mideplan, 55 thousand people live in the humid climate of Sarapiqui.

According to Mr. Carlos Gagini, writer and national historian, the Indians that lived here named this area after the Yon river. Yori, when translated into Spanish, is Sarapiqui.

This canton has a relevant history in our country because of two primary reasons:

1. It provided the first transportation link between Costa Rica and Europe.
2. It played an important role in the defense of the national independence. On April 10, 1856, the filibusters, under the command of William Walker, arrived in Costa Rica on the Sarapiqui River where the Battle of Sardinal was waged.

How do you get to Sarapiquí?•

• By the traditional route or the route of the heroes (Cara Blanca) where you will pass the San Fernando and La Paz waterfalls, mountains, rivers and volcanoes

• By the Braulio Carrillo highway, through the National Park of the same name. An area of great natural exuberance and beautiful

• By San Carlos where you can see pineapple and palm plantations as well as ornamental plant nurseries

What does Sarapiqui have to offer?

Sarapiqui offers 6 of the 8 categories of tourist products established by the Costa Rican Institute of Tourism. They are: traditional tours, natural history, adventure tourism, sport fishing, senior citizen tours and scientific tours.

Within the category of natural history are hikes through the tropical rain forest, bird watching (425 of 850 species of birds in Costa Rica).

See monkeys, iguanas, caimans, crocodiles, sloths and otters on a boat trip down the river. Visit the Frog and Butterfly Gardens (500 of the 700 species of butterflies that exist in the country).

Diversified scenery an area very rich in biodiversity. There are 3000 different plant species, 450 different ant species and 142 different mammals.

Adventure Tourism:

There are 5 different levels or sections of rafting and kayaking for beginners, intermediate and advanced adventurers.
The river runs parallel to the highway and has 16 emergency or evacuation exits which makes kayaking and rafting on the river very safe. The river forms beautiful, natural rapids and is surrounded by primary and secondary rain forest giving this product a high international rating.

Its wide variety of beautiful tourist attractions allows for many types of tourism: religious, vacation, business and social. Sarapiqui has a circular route that is recreational and fun for its visitors as well as being a tranquil, peaceful area.

Tourist activity is a good option for the canton. There are 19 quality hotels, cabins and lodges in Sarapiqui with excellent rates. They provide a good source of stable, well paid employment for its habitants.

Because of its geographic location and close proximity to many tourist attractions, it is possible to make day trips to Poos Volcano National Park, Arena! Volcano National Park, Braulio Carrillo National Park, Tortuguero National Park and the Barra del Colorado Wildlife Refuge.

The Chamber of Tourism was founded in Sarapiqui in 1996. Its main objectives are to market the tourist attractions of the area, to make sure the wildlife populations are not affected by tourism and guarantee that the enormous diversity of flora and fauna in the canton is maintained.

Information supplied by Mrs. Rossy Mora Badilla of the Sarapiquí Chamber of Tourism.

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