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Garabito continues to maintain its status as the fastest growing and most developed tourism region in Costa Rica. A solid infrastructure and modem conveniences have attracted international investors and conglomerates. At present, there are close to a dozen major resort and urbanization projects underway. Gctrabitos major economic activities include tourism, agriculture, cattle farming, and teak.

At 316,31 km2, Garabito is home to over 10,400 year round residents with afloating population of approximately 30,000. The population has doubled in the last five years bringing with it a plethora of new businesses and modern services as well as several private learning institutions catering to adults and children alike. This beautiful stretch of perhaps the most valuable Real Estate in the country is bordered by the Pacific Ocean and mountainous primary and secondary rainforest.

Nearly half of Garabitos residents are ex-pats. Jaco Beach, the county seat, is the closest beach town to San Jose, and a popular vacation destination for nationals and foreigners as well as a perfect base point from which to operate. Most major attractions are within a few minutes to four hours drive. The eclectic concentration of foreign and national populations brings a cosmopolitan mix of cultural, social, religious, culinary and recreational opportunities. There are 200 dining choices to choose from ranging from elegant gourmet to local sodas and includes a variety of exotic and national cuisines. There are at least as many accommodation options with something for every budget and taste from camping to five-star resorts and intimate hide-aways.

There’s no doubt that sun and surf are among the top attractions in this seaside canton. There is an abundance and variety of beaches here ranging from black sand to white sand, from gentle coves to vast stretches of awesome waves. Playa Hermosa, three kilometers south of Jaco Beach is renowned for having the most consistent waves year round attracting surfers from around the globe.

Garabito’s Herradura Bay is home to Los Suenos Resort, featuring the only government-sanctioned marina in Costa Rica and the most sophisticated boater facility in all of Central America. Other resort amenities include a five-star Marriott Hotel, casino, restaurants, spa services and an 18-hole championship golf course that borders on a 600-acre rainforest preserve.

International sport fishing and yachting enthusiasts are flocking to the Central Pacific, world renowned for the abundance and variety of species found year-round in its waters, including record numbers of sailfish, martin, tuna, dorado and wahoo. Tour agencies throughout the region offer sport fishing charters and water sport activities. Almost every activity that makes Costa Rica famous can be found right here in Garabito. From the extreme to the passive, Garabitos got it all: parasailing, hang gliding, canopy tours, horseback riding, aquatic sports of every kind, off road vehicles and motocross, mountain biking, snorkel’mg, diving, fishing, kayaking, surfing and an abundance of hiking trails and waterfalls including Bijagual, the largest waterfall in Costa Rica.

Carara National Park is the second most frequented national park in Costa Rica due to its high biodiversity and refuge for many endangered species, some so rare they can be found nowhere else in the world. This is a favorite spot to view a variety of plant and animal life. The most successful sightings happens in the early morning hours. Carara also boasts one of the largest viable Scarlet Macaw populations in the country estimated at 400 up from 200 in the 1980’s. The park is known world wide among avid birders. Carara is bordered by the Rio Grande de Tarcoles, which is famous for its large population of the american crocodile. The bridge that spans the Tarcoles is a favorite stop off for spotting these impressive reptiles. To get a closer look, boat tours, which also pass through the Tarcoles mangroves, are available.

The southern point of Garabito is home to a government sanctioned turtle hatchery and refuge for the Tortuga Lora. The once plentiful animals were hunted almost to extinction. Through MlNAE and local efforts the Tortuga Lora population is making a comeback. Night tours are available during spawning season. Watching the mother turtle emerge from the sea to deposit her eggs is an unforgettable experience.

Whether you’re a nature lover or a sports fan, wanting to retire or get married in a tropical paradise, looking for a place to learn Spanish or raise your family or just enjoy the vacation of a lifetime, Garabito has all the ingredients to make your dreams come true.

Information supplied by Mrs. Ruth Zakarian from the Jaco Tourist Chamber.

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