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Puntarenas Tourist Area
Beaches and islands

Puntarenas is one of the most important tourist regions in Costa Rica. Its coasts are embellished by abundant islands, coves, beaches, and very beautiful natural treasures that make it a tourist destination per excellence.
Its territory provides a great variety of sun and beach attractions, complemented by protected areas and islands.

This spectacular zone is very near the Central Valley, specifically two hours and 120 km away from the capital.
Its main focus is the city of Puntarenas that acts as a staying, distribution, transit, and touring place. Tourist development facilities mostly consist of traditional beach-front hotels and cabins, in addition to the famous all-inclusive resorts.

The area of Nicoya Peninsula, Paquera, Lepanto, and Cobano -belonging to Puntarenas Province- has natural beauties, the most popular being beaches and sun.

This unit is characterized by a spatial discontinuity, since it includes two sections of Nicoya Gulf coast. Both coasts are connected by sea transportation. The Corridor extends from Punta Loros, south of Puerto Caldera, to the Bongo River mouth.

Other tourist centers are the town of Tambor and the city of Cobano, that has a potential.

Worth mentioning are the Cabo Blanco Reserve and the San Lucas, Chira, and Tortuga islands.

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