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From North to South, from East to West…
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There are many contrasts and nature diversity in Costa Rica. Few places in the world present, within a very small and accessible territory, so many natural variants. Along their 51.100 square kilometers you will always find a special place to discover.

24.6% of the Costa Rican territory, is protected under some sort of handling category such as National Parks, Biological Rerserves and National Wild Life Refuges, mainly.

No other country in the world, has dedicated so much from his territory to nature protection!

Due to its geographical position, Costa Rica is an exuberant biological bridge of botanical and zoological species. Its territory creates a narrow passage that harbors flora and many fauna from North America as well as South America, as well as great deal of endemic species. Their climate is very pleasant year round, wich stimulates in its inhabitants a peaceful life and allows the tourist to explore and to risk with all tranquility, apart from taking advantage of accessible trips and short distances, -less than a day-, among the regions.

Costa Rica

The home of the four millions of Costa Rican or «ticos» and «ticas», as they are called, is one of the few countries of the world that, for more than fifty years lives, for own will, without army. Also, Costa Rica stands out, in the world environment, for its people’s kindness. The «ticos» and «ticas» are very helpful and good talkers, so when you walks the field or some place of interest, don’t hesitate to clear your restlessness with some of them who will help gladly.


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